Al hamichya


Are women obligated in al ha-michya?

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Asked on May 11, 2021 2:26 pm
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Women are obligated in general in berachot before and after eating and in birkat ha-mazon. Thus, women are obligated in al ha-michya.

Al ha-michya is recited after eating foods other than bread containing grains. It is a version of the beracha that we call beracha achat me’ein shalosh, a single beracha that parallels the first three berachot of birkat ha-mazon.

Halachic authorities have widely accepted the view that the obligation in beracha achat me’ein shalosh is rabbinic. According to this view, women’s obligation is no different from men’s.

Even according to the view that the beracha is obligatory on a Torah level, learned alongside the obligation of reciting birkat ha-mazon, it would seem that women would be obligated on a Torah level as well. The rationales suggested for those who question the level of women’s obligation in birkat ha-mazon do not apply to beracha achat me’ein shalosh. (Learn more about women and birkat ha-mazon here.)

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Answered on May 11, 2021 2:28 pm