More lenient hair covering for outdoor activities?


Hi, I love outdoor activities, and recently I’ve wanted to take surfing lessons. I usually fully cover my hair but I can’t imagine surfing in a full tichel or wig, and I was wondering if there’s any room to wear a tight headband instead?

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Asked on June 27, 2024 9:38 am
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Thank you for this question!

It's wonderful that you are thinking carefully about how best to pursue this activity from a halachic perspective.

For an outdoor activity, a woman should wear a head-covering that retains her usual level of coverage. However, one key aspect of head-covering is dignity or how respectable-looking it is (see more here and here), and the standards for that in a surfing context differ from, say, a walk in town. Conversely, a head-covering worn for an athletic activity should be fully functional and safe for that activity.

We are not sure that we fully understand what you mean by a tight headband, but hope that we've given you enough information to enable you to figure out a solution. A swim cap, surf hat, or maybe both together, might be a good option, perhaps with some adjustments to optimize comfort and coverage. There are also "surfer turbans" available online that look like tichels but are specially designed for this type of activity.

We hope this helps!

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Answered on June 27, 2024 9:44 am