Head-Covering (11)

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Hello Derecheha! Beezrat Hashem I am getting married soon and I had a question about head coverings: is it permissible for one to tie a headscarf on Shabbat? If so, is there a certain way which is ideal regarding the amount or type of ties? Thank you...
If a newly married women wants to keep the halachot of hair covering strictly is she able to leave strands of hair out at the front that frame her face? Does it depend how long they are etc?
Is there a difference in the obligation for a married women to cover her hair in front of a non-jewish man? If you were on holiday in a place where there were no Jews would you be allowed to have your hair not covered?
Hello! The Rav of our shul recommended that I read through your articles on Hair Covering and I am so glad that I did! I have signed up to your email list and feel so glad that you are sharing such wonderful Torah in English! We recently moved apartm...
Hi, I've been curious for a while but never knew who to ask. I'm worried if I ask a sheital macher that they will think this question is rude or judgemental. But I'm really only wonderig for myself, I am not judging someone else who wears a sheital. ...
Should a married woman cover her hair in front of extended family members (father, brother, uncle, grandfather, father-in-law)?
Is there an issue with a husband seeing his wife's uncovered hair during davening or Shema?
I'm in quarantine for COVID-19, and on zoom video conferences from home a lot. Do I need to have my head covered?
Does the obligation to cover your hair in public apply regardless of whether men are around? For example: if you are in a friend's apartment with only women, or if you are in an office building but having a private meeting with another woman, and the...
Whats the halachic basis for leaving out the hair tied up into a bun at the back with a mitpachat (scarf)?
Is using a kippah fall to cover one's hair supported by the sources?