Hair covering on family vacation


I’m going to be staying with my husband’s family in a house for two weeks on vacation. We are all married couples.
I wanted to know what the halacha is in that case regarding hair covering? Thank you!

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Asked on August 25, 2022 7:15 pm
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The halachot of head-covering vary depending on the level of privacy of a given space. (See more here.) For many, it is customary to cover the head even at home when outside quests are present. Covering in others’ presence makes even more sense when in a common dwelling on vacation, since it is a more public space than one’s home–even for those who don’t usually cover at home in the presence of guests.

For this reason, on the whole, you should treat the shared spaces of the vacation house a little more stringently than you would your own home, on the whole covering as you generally would if visiting your in-laws’ home along with the other family members on the trip.

At the same time, as we mentioned earlier, there is halachic room in general to be more lenient regarding the quality and quantity of coverage in more private spaces than in public. When sharing a house, situations may arise where it would be helpful to rely on that more than one usually does. (E.g., throwing something on casually to go to the washroom or after returning from an activity.)

Nesi’a tova!

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Answered on August 25, 2022 7:21 pm