Keri'at Ha-Torah (3)

Sometimes a quick exchange communicates more effectively, and more personally, than an article. Sometimes, just seeing that others share our questions can make us feel more connected. Our posted questions and answers are an opportunity to learn from each other. Keep in mind that each questioner’s situation may be unique, in ways that affect the halachah. Even the tone of a question can affect the tone of an answer.
Hello, Thank you for the wonderful site. I would like to know what your opinion is regarding women reading the Torah just for women, without "Birchot Ha-torah" (but stopping at every aliya and reciting certain pesukim instead). This isn't a halachic ...
Due to Covid I will be reading the megillah, for myself, at home this year. I have arranged to borrow a scroll. I have never "leined" before. Can you provide me with a link to a megillah reading with which I can read along?
Can the Torah be passed into the women's section at shul?