Birth (2)

Sometimes a quick exchange communicates more effectively, and more personally, than an article. Sometimes, just seeing that others share our questions can make us feel more connected. Our posted questions and answers are an opportunity to learn from each other. Keep in mind that each questioner’s situation may be unique, in ways that affect the halachah. Even the tone of a question can affect the tone of an answer.
Hi, I have a question about daughters. I'm not sure if it's applicable to your site but I thought I'd send it anyway. My daughter was born just before lockdown nearly 2 years ago and we couldn't have a kiddush for her. Many people have said to me it'...
Should a woman say Shehechiyanu or Hatov vhametiv after giving birth? or only her husband? What if she is not sufficiently dressed to make a bracha until after the baby has been taken to the nursery?